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About Our Preschools

We are a community of learners with children, families, and educators as full partners in by providing meaningful experiences that encourage the development of knowledge and self. It is our belief that children learn through play and discovery to understand the world around them. We view children as competent, capable, inventive, and full of valuable ideas.

We provide children with opportunities for learning, exploration, creativity, and self-expression based on the belief that children have the interest and potential to construct their own knowledge and understanding.

Preschool Program Information

Registration for 2022‑23:



Free or Low Cost Program Enrollment
Administrative Assistant
Margarita Contreras
(408) 341-7127

Tuition Based Programs
Preschool Supervisor
Tiffany Bui
(408) 364-4200 x4135

  401 W. Hamilton Ave,
Campbell, CA 95008

Hrs 8:00am–4:30pm
Tel (408) 341-7127
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